New Year Resolutions Honolulu Oahu

The new year has arrived and all over the world people are resolving to make a change for the better. Here on the island of Oahu, the likelihood of doing so may be more viable than anywhere, as not only are we surrounded by opportunity, we’re rich in aloha spirit too!

In order to spread some of that aloha and inspire you to set (and reach) some worthy goals, Richmond Realty Hawaii has named four resolutions that may apply to your horizon for the year ahead, and beyond.

4 New Year Goals that Richmond Realty HI Can Help Current (and Future) Honolulu Residents Achieve in 2018


1. Stop Renting and Buy a Home

It’s no surprise that this resolution tops the list for many households on Oahu. Year-end data showed that Honolulu is the 11th most expensive city in all of the USA to rent in. Recent reports also show that nearly 60-percent of renters in Honolulu are spending more than 30-percent of their income on rent. It’s time to end the vicious cycle, and find out if you can secure a mortgage that is somewhat comparable to what you’re spending on accommodations each month. If you’re parting with such a significant percentage of your personal income, shouldn’t it go towards building equity?

Make the decision to at least consider breaking the rental burden and find out how we will take your budget, criteria, and desire, and turn it into a place you can call home.

If you can’t even envision being able to come up with a downpayment, this new year resolution may still be one you can achieve. Did you know that you may be eligible for a downpayment assistance program that can be applied to your home purchase in Hawaii? Learn more about this exciting opportunity here.

2. Make a Wise Investment

Improving one’s financial status is another big resolution for 2018. And when it comes to real estate, you won’t find a much better place to enter the market for investment purposes.

While it is true that median prices are nearing all time highs, homes in highly attractive areas such as Aina HainaKapolei, and Makakilo are still very affordable when it compared to alternatives. Given that prices are expected to continue to rise, the opportunity coincides with the timing of your new year goal. If you strike today while the iron is heating up, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank when revisiting this conversation one year from now, noting how the market value of your investment property has increased with each turn of the calendar page.

Join the countless others who have helped give Hawaii the highest share of equity rich homes in the United States of America by contacting Richmond Realty Hawaii today.

3. Upgrade Your Quality of Life

This is a bit of a catch-all category, but one that needs to be addressed nonetheless. We’ll break it down into a couple of sections for clarity.

a) For one, you may be a current homeowner on Oahu and have been thinking about upgrading your home for some time now. Well, as per item #2 above, you can see that with a limited supply of homes in the Honolulu market, you can get top dollar for your current property.

Now we know what you’re thinking, won’t that same limit in supply restrict your own options for upgrading to a bigger home? Not necessarily. When you work with the Richmond Realty Hawaii team, you will gain early access to highly attractive listings the second they become available. Having worked in real estate sales and auctions for decades, our connections have afforded us access to properties that many other REALTORS and agents have yet to uncover. List with us, and not only will you get top dollar for your home, you will open up the gates for an upgrade that will change your life for the better. Learn more about why now is a great time to sell your Oahu home.

b) In returning to our “catch all” category of upgrading your quality of life in 2018, you can accomplish this in other ways when you transition into a new home and/or community. Just tell us what you want to accomplish for yourself and your household.

For example, if you’re hoping to improve your health and wellness, we can find you a home located near breathtaking (literally and figuratively) biking/jogging routes, such as the bookending lanes of Kalanianaole Highway from Aina Haina, or prime hiking destinations such as Koko Head near your new home in Hawaii Kai. If a condo is your cup of tea we will find one with the best fitness facilities on the island. You get the idea.

Are you thinking about starting a family, or growing the one you have this year? The right home is the key to this goal too. Let us take you through 2018’s most family friendly communities of Mililani, Makakilo, Aina Haina, Kapolei, Laie, and other neighborhoods that will inspire you to add a baby or two to your fold. We’ll take care of the challenging part (finding the home) and you can take care of the rest (ahem).

4. Make That Big Move

This one goes out to those of you mainlanders who are still on the fence about a move to the islands. It’s time to take the plunge into our welcoming nook of the North Pacific archipelago.

Concerned about adjusting to island life? We have yet to meet anyone who has made the move and come to regret it. Even those who adore the holiday season on the mainland soon find that island life is even more festive than they could ever imagine.

At the very least, invest in a home in 2018 that you can use as a vacation property for both personal use (when you come visit) and as a source of short-term rental revenue for the other seasons, year after year. And then you are ready to take the final step and become full-time kama’aina your true home will be here, waiting for you.

Let us help you turn your new year dreams into a reality. Contact the Richmond Realty Hawaii team at 808.284.1004 or via email at anytime.

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year)

~ Richmond Realty Hawaii ~