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The History of the Kaka'ako HI area is intesting:  
The first people who settled in what is now Kaka'ako included a group of Polynesians who arrived from the Marquesas Islands at least 1,500 years ago. They established farms, fishing areas and salt ponds that probably overlooked Honolulu Harbor. They also introduced more than 30 plants and animals to the area that you can see when you visit the Honolulu Zoo.

The first Europeans who visited the area arrived during the late 18th century. They included British explorers led by James Cook and George Vancouver. They established viable sailing routes that enabled ships to dock in the area.

The first Americans who visited the area arrived in the early 19th century. They included New England whalers who used the area as a rest stop. Other Americans eventually established settlements in the area during the middle of the 19th century.

During the late 19th century, many Kaka'ako properties were converted into an industrial area that included the Honolulu Iron Works. Other Kaka'ako properties were developed into stores, schools and churches.

Interest in living in the Kaka'ako HI area increased during the middle of the 20th century after business owners discovered the value of the area's location near Honolulu's downtown area. The discovery encouraged Honolulu-area home builders to construct Homes for sale in Kaka'ako located near Auahi, Coral and Keawe Streets that are a wonderful value.

Kaka'ako's availabe homes for sale are often located in a close-knit Honolulu neighborhood that offers residents a peaceful atmosphere and access to Honolulu's most popular attractions. These benefits make buying real estate in Kaka'ako a wonderful value for anyone who relocates to Honolulu. For more information about the history of real estate in Kaka'ako, please these articles written by the Kaka'aho Neighborhood Association and World Port Source.

The Honolulu Parks and Recreation Department Offers Kaka'ako Home Buyers Many Recreational Activities and Facilities: 
The Honolulu Parks and Recreation Department offers more than 100 recreational facilities that offer access to athletic fields, playgrounds and picnic pavillions. Some of these facilities include urban campgrounds, 20 parks, more than 25 swimming pools and over 35 senior citizens clubs. Moreover, Kaka'ako home buyers will also enjoy the beaches that are located near many of these facilities.

The Honolulu Parks and Recreation Department also offers more than 100 recreational activities that offer many ways to learn new hobbies and innovative ways to stay fit. Some of these activities include a children's summer fun program, adult theraputic recreational activities and recreational activites for senior citizens. For more information about these activities, please call 808-973-7258.

Kaka'ako HI Homes Are Located near Many Fun Honolulu Attractions:
Most Kaka'ho residential properties are located near many fun Honolulu attractions. Some of these attractions include: Furthermore, residents in the Kaka'ako area may enjoy the concerts and sporting events that take place at Aloha Stadium.

Many fun Honolulu events take place near Kaka'ako. Some of these events include:
Many fun Honolulu events take place near Kaka'ako residential real estate properties. Some of these events include:

Details about other Honolulu-area events can be found by visiting the Honolulu Parks and Recreation Department's online event calendar.

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